The Royal Treatment

Harmony is essential to life. Health does not exist in its absence. Harmony is a relationship of balance and order. Harmony is about just the right amount, not too much, not too little. This is a foundational premise of chiropractic; sickness only has two causes – too much and too little. By locating and removing the source of disharmony within an individual the body is provided an opportunity to return to a state of harmonious balance.

If this isn’t something you have thought about before, or you aren’t willing to take my word for it, (and why should you?), let me give you some examples of the principle of harmony at work in the natural world.

Lets start with math, because you can’t fake math, the Fibonacci sequence in particular. The fibonacci sequence is a natural pattern that is ubiquitous in the natural world: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144 etc. Each number is derived by adding the two previous numbers in the sequence together. It is the pattern followed by the branching of plants, the growth of pineapples, pinecones, sunflower seeds, flower petals and the arrangement of seeds in a apple core etc. You can find this pattern in the length ratios of the bones in your fingers, your forearm and hand and the architecture of your inner ear. The numbers even appear in your DNA, which is 34 angstroms long and 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of the double helix. Amazing!

This ratio is not limited to plants and animals either. let’s examine the orbital geometry of the planet Venus relative to the Earth and Sun. Using Earth as a fixed reference point, the orbits of Venus and the sun trace a pentagonal path every 5 cycles of Venus orbit, which happens every 8 years. Because Venus has a shorter year than the Earth does, it takes 13 Venusian years for Venus to complete this cycle. 5, 8, and 13, the Fibonacci sequence in the orbits of the planets. Again, amazing!

So don’t take my word for it that the principles of harmony govern the natural world which we are all a part of, just look at the math.

The prince of Wales recently published a book on this topic titled Harmony – A New Way Of Looking At The World. In this book he lays out the ecological and social challenges we face and outlines some ideas that mankind might want to pursue in order to reestablish harmony in our ecological and social interactions. One social challenge is our failing health. The harmony within our bodies has been disrupted and our ill health is the result.

Prince Charles turns out to be an advocate for using alternative medicine to reestablish the internal harmony within our bodies. Like me he abhors the term alternative, finding it pejorative. He decries the medical establishment for ignoring these natural alternative methods or attributing their benefits to placebo. Using them on livestock as he does, he claims he must have the worlds smartest cows if alternative medicine only works by placebo effect.

Rightly, he notes the ability of natural healers to locate a disruption in the harmony of the body by assessing the tone of its structure and using natural methods to restore harmony to the body, allowing it to heal itself.

I was struck by the elegant simplicity of his observations. This is all chiropractic is. It is the identification of the loss of harmony within the body, the location of the disruption in that harmony, the removal of the disruption and restoration to harmony. It follows the law of nature. It does not attempt to manipulate the workings of the body towards a particular end. It does not turn the tone of the body up or down. It simply locates the source of the disruption in that tonal harmony and removes it. The body itself then decided whether things need to be turned up or down.

Nothing could be simpler. Nothing could have greater impact.



About The Wild Chiro

Earth explorer, philosopher, healer, teacher. To view the world around me from a new perspective and share the knowledge I gain from that place is my mission.
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